Application instructions

The Foundation for Research of Natural Resources in Finland supports innovative research projects dealing with the use of Finnish natural resources. The foundation will fund approved projects of gifted young scientists for up to three years, but funds the grants for one year at a time. A progress report must be included in the applications of the ongoing projects.

The grants are for salary, travel and other research expenses and include the mandatory social security costs and the overall expenses of the research organisation to a maximum of 15 %. The research organisation pays the salary, and their agreement must be included in the application.

The foundation pays the grant into the account of the research organisation in four parts, in January, April, July and October. At the end of the project, by the end of March following the last research year, the grantee will provide the foundation with the final report and an accounting of funds. Reporting must be done through the LUOVASAA-system.


Priorities for grant applications for 2019 are innovations that promote responsible, commercially sound and efficient uses of natural resources throughout production, utilization and consumption

  • The bioeconomy
  • Mineral economics
  • New ways of energy production and storage

Innovations can be processes, technologies, products, services or social innovations. Innovations must, however, have the potential for economic utilization. The objectives are to create the conditions for the renewal and competitiveness of industry and to respond to global sustainable development challenges such as climate change adaptation or shortage of clean water.

Research must seek solutions to the challenges of sustainability in the use of domestic natural resources (forests, minerals, water and their habitats).

The call for research grant applications for the year 2019 opens in August and closes on 28th September 2018. All applications must be sent to the foundation using the LUOVASAA-system.

To make an application, you must log in to the LUOVASAA-system (if you have already used the system), or register to the system (if you are a new user). To submit a new grant application, click the ”Make an application” button. Please note that LUOVASAA considers the person making the application to be the project leader. Therefore, the project leader has to register first, after which the application can be made using his/her login information. On the ”Make an application” screen, you must first select the option ”General call”. Then it is possible to select the option ”Copy the information” from an old application to a new application. For the ongoing projects, it is especially recommended to copy the information from an old application to a new one. After selecting this option, you can select the intended old project from the menu. Please go through the application carefully and remember to update all the necessary information. If you want to use the appendices from your old application, open the old application through the main page of LUOVASAA, save the appendices to your computer, update them and attach them to your new application. An application will always get a new project number. You can modify an unfinished application through the main page. When making the application, fill in the requested information into the fields on all the screens. Be sure to save the screens to avoid losing your information if the session is interrupted. You can also copy/paste text into the fields. You can always view or print the application by clicking the ”View printable form” button (PDF icon). Those applications that have not been sent can be deleted on the main page by clicking the trash bin icon on the right-hand side of the application.

It is vital to pay attention to the research plan; it should show the basis, goals, means and execution of the research. The funding decisions are mainly based on this information. The goals of the research are published along with other information of the funded grants.

Progress report
This report is filled in if funding is applied for a continued project.

Sending the application and the commitment
The electronic application and appendices must be sent by clicking the ”Send” button before the deadline, which is at 16.00 on 28th September 2018. You are not able to modify the application after this. After submission, you will get a confirmation of reception of the application. Please note that only the applications received before the deadline can be taken into account.

Print the commitment by clicking ”Print commitment” (PDF icon). The commitment has to be signed by the project leader and by an official representative of the research organisation, and sent in to the foundation office by the end of week 40 by regular mail. The address of the office is Salomonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland, e-mail

Evaluation and funding decisions
All applications are evaluated by the governing board of the foundation, the members of which represent universities, research institutes and business. The decisions will be concluded in December and the funded projects will be posted at the website of the Foundation. All applicants will also be informed by mail.

Further information from Roy Siljamäki, tel. +358 40 770 3337, e-mail